How have advances in technology affected the development of Cricket?

Advances in technology especially television technology has affected the development of contemporary cricket in many ways:

(i) Kerry Packer’s innovative ideas helped use television technology to develop the image of cricket as a televised sport, a marketable game, which could generate huge revenue.

(ii) Cricket for cricketer became a lucrative occupation. Continuous television coverage made cricketers celebrities. They earn enormous sums of money by making commercials for a wide range of products.


(iii) Television expanded the audience and broadened the social base of the game by beaming cricket into small towns and villages.

(iv) Satellite television created a global market for cricket and helped shift the balance of power in cricket from Britain to South Asia. This shift was symbolised by the shift of ICC headquarters from London to Dubai.

(v) With the shift in centre of gravity and scrapping of veto powers of Britain and Australia in favour of equal membership many innovations in cricket technique have been pioneered by teams in countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

(vi) Television technology helped muster wide support and general acceptance of innovations in the game. Example: One Day International matches. Television along with satellite technology has helped transform cricket from a game played and viewed by limited countries and people, to a popular world sport.