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Here is your summary on plant root and shoot system

Here is your summary on plant root and shoot system. The plant body has two main systems the root and the shoot. The root system anchors the plant in the soil and absorps water and minerals. Roots are of two types: such as tap roots and adventitious roots.

232 words summary on Plants tissues

232 words summary on Plants tissues. In plants one or more tissues combinedly discharge a common function in different parts and constitute a tissue system. Epidermal tissue system, fascicular tissue system and fundamental tissue systems are three principal systems in any plant.

Summary of “School for Sympathy” by E.V. Lucas

The writer had heard a lot about Miss Beam’s school. But he had never visited it. One day he got the opportunity to visit it. On entering the campus he saw no one except a girl of twelve.

Summary of Sane Society by Erich Fromm

A healthy society provides opportunities for adult-education. It is a social development. Such a society sets of numerous schools for adult-education. But such establishment of schools is not enough. They may be sufficient for a small part of population but the principle needs to be applied to the population as a whole.

Summary of “the Bose Came to Dinner” story by Sushama Sahay

Mr. Shamnath was an employee in ail office. Once he invited his boss to dinner. Therefore, on the day of dinner, he and his wife started arranging things and decorating their house. When they were busy keeping things in order they thought over their old mother.

Summary of “Indian Music and Dance” by Fritjof Copra

The author gives an account of his unforgettable experience of enjoying-Indian music and dance. He visited Bombay when a major festival of Indian music and dance was being organized there. In his first visit he came to see the musical concert of Bismillah Khan on the invitation of Vimla Patil.

Here is the summary of the poem:- “A Psalm of Life”

Life is not full of sadness. It is an empty dream. A dream presents many pleasant many pleasant things which vanish as soon as it breaks. Similarly, some pessimistic people consider life as unreal and empty as dream.

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