Here is the summary of the poem:- “A Psalm of Life”



Life is not full of sadness. It is an empty dream. A dream presents many pleasant things which vanish as soon as it breaks. Similarly, some pessimistic people consider life as unreal and empty as dream. If they find any happy thing, they don’t accept and enjoy it. They discard it as unreal too. Such people are dead in there spirit. They value life in terms of its physical aspect.

But the poet empathetically says that life is real and earnest. It furnishes great opportunities for bettering ourselves. Grave or death is not the destination of life. The Bible contains a remark, ‘Dust thou art, to dust returnest’. It is a remark about body. Body vanishes but the soul does not dissolve. Death can not trap soul.


Life means to act at present. It is neither for enjoyment nor for to joy and sorrow. Instead of paying attention to joy and sorrow, we aught to act, we must not waste time in expecting a more suitable time to come. We should think that tomorrow is far away from today. Therefore, we must act right from now.

Death envelopes all both to the stories and the weak, the brave and the coward. All are marching to each others grave. Time runs away and every body of us are losing our valuable period of life day by day. Life is getting shorter day by day. In this short period a long art can not possibly be tried and achieved.

Life is a temporary rest camp. We are all soldiers in the world’s broad field of battle. When we grow tired, we take rest in that rest camp. The poet urges us to be creative and to be a hero in the battle. We must not surrender. We must not be driven like dumb cattle. Dumb cattle lack creativity. But we must be brave enough to face our life’s battle.

Further the right time for work is present. Neither future nor past is suitable. Future may seem very pleasant. But it is not dependable. Similarly, past is already passed and is buried like a dead body.


Thus we are left with only present. We should act in the living present. In our heart we must keep faith in God. God will reward us for our work.

While working, we have to follow the footprints of great men in past. By reading their biography and by following their footprints and examples we can make our own lives great and sublime. Our own greatness and sublimity will be recorded as examples for the future generations too. If any person gets disappointed or fails in his material or spiritual pursuits, he may look at the examples, set up by us, and may get adequate consolation.

Hope of success is regenerated in him. Instead of being doomed to utter despair, he feels vibrant with hopes.

Therefore the poet advises us to get rid of sloth and be brave enough to face any situation in our lives. We must not cease at any; point of time. Pursuits and achievements must continue. Our endeavour must also continue with undiminished faith in God.

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