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Short essay on the Growth of the Press in the 19th Century

Short essay on the Growth of the Press in the 19th Century. It is an important medium for the dissemination of information on various problems. It is great help in the campaigns for social reform and to influence activities of the state..

341 short essay on the Power of Press

Short essay on the Power of Press. The power of press in any country depends on the number of newspaper readers; and this in turn depends on the spread of education. Where readers are few, newspapers are few and will appeal directly to only a small minority of population.

Short essay on the Freedom of Press

If a dog bites a man it is no news, but if a man bites a dog it is a news. Newspapers not only give us information about strange happenings but also do something more than that Newspapers have become a diversion at the breakfast table and also necessary sources of knowledge. Burke called the […]

Essay on the Freedom of the Press

The most powerful autocrat is forced to take note of public opinion as reflected in a free press. That is why a regimented press is the instrument of autocracy, and a dictator deprives the press of its freedom.

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