Short essay on the Freedom of Press


If the press is independent and the reports are objective it can keep the minds of the people open to all impressions. But now-a-days the news are coloured with views. They provide the people with readymade opinions and people also accept these things happily. Moreover, most of the people believe that a printed word is the gospel truth.

A free press can consolidate the forces of democracy. If the problems of the nation are analyzed objectively, the people will start thinking correctly. Correct thinking on the part of the citizens of a State is very important. If the people do not get correct informa­tion they cannot have correct judgment.

Party in power is always and with power and tries to assume as much power as it is possible. The people must be vigilant, other­wise the Government may take away their rights. The newspapers can keep them abreast of the latest developments.


The political and economic problems whether national or inter­national have become so complicated that it is necessary to know the background and also the complexity of the problem. Only the experts like seasoned journalists do this work for the common man.

Press also helps in preparing the people for social progress. A common man is orthodox and remains lost in customs and traditions. If he is not prepared mentally to receive change it is not possible for him to accept the change happily.

A free and independent press can give a direction to the economy of the country. Economic crisis can be overcome if the press tries to boost the morale of the common man. If the people become disappointed even the political conditions of the country become uncertain.

Is it possible to make the press independent ? The press is in hands of the businessman and it has become an industry. Like all other industries it is run with profit motive. Consequently large number of newspapers give sensational news. They try to capture the intention of the people. For example, the Western press at this time is wrongly inciting the people of India because they think that India has lost her democratic rights.


In India free press is to play an important role. Here majority of the people are not fully educated, so they are generally misguided by the newspapers. In India a large number of social changes are to be brought, and we cannot do it till the people are prepared to receive them. The newspapers can give them a lead if the editors start commenting favorably upon the different problems of the country. So the independent press is necessary for the working of democracy and the establishment of democratic society.

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