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Here is your summary on plant root and shoot system

Here is your summary on plant root and shoot system. The plant body has two main systems the root and the shoot. The root system anchors the plant in the soil and absorps water and minerals. Roots are of two types: such as tap roots and adventitious roots.

Here is your Brief note on the History of Plant Science

Here is your Brief note on the History of Plant Science. Botany is as old as mankind. Man tried to learn about plants, when he was tired of hunting for food. Once man recognized that plants could provide him both food and shelter, he preferred to settle at a place and reap the advantages of […]

Write a short note on Sundew plant

Sundew (Drosera) is an insectivorous plant. Here each leaf is covered by the glandular hair like tentacles on the upper surface. Each tentacle bears a reddish gland which secrets a viscous fluid that glitters like dew drops in sunlight.

Write a short note on Pitcher plant

Pitcher plants are insectivorous in nature. Here the leaf lamina is modified into a pitcher like structure the leaf apex is modified into the lid of the pitcher. The colourful lid is lined with a ring of nectar glands.

What are the main differences between plant and animal cell ?

Although there are some differences between a plant and an animal cell, their basic general organization remains the same. Cell behaves as a single living unit because its organelles perform specific roles in a co-ordinated and unified way.

Write a short note on solar power plant

In solar power plants, steam is produced by concentrating the sun rays with the help of concave reflectors on to the pipes containing water. The steam thus produced is used to turn turbines which are connected to electricity generators.

Complete information on the process of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in plants

Besides water and mineral salts the next important substances of plant cell is proteins and other nitrogenous compounds. Nitrogen is a universally occurring element in all living beings and from the important constituents of cholorophyll, vitamins, hormones, cytochromes, enzymes, nucleic acids and proteins.

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