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Forms of Business Organisation

Everything you need to know about the forms of business organisation. After deciding to start a business, an entrepreneur has to choose one of the forms of business organisation. The merits and demerits of each form of business organisation have to be considered keeping in view, the size and nature of business, amount of capital […]

Functional Organizational Structure

Everything you need to know about the functional organisational structure. In the functional organisational structure, all activities in the enterprise are grouped together according to certain functions like production, marketing, finance and personnel, and are kept under the charge of different persons. The person in-charge of a function follows it wherever it goes throughout the […]

Process of Communication

Everything you need to know about the process of communication. Process means a systematic series of actions or operations of a series of changes directed to some end. Communication is a two-way process wherein there is an exchange and progression of ideas towards a mutually acceptable goal. Communication process, as such, has to be viewed, […]

Types of Communication

Everything you need to know about the types of communication. The word ‘communication’ is derived from the Latin word ‘communize’ which means common. Thus, communication means sharing ideas in common. It is a verbal or written message, an exchange of information, a system of communicating, and a process by which meanings are exchanged between individuals […]

Why the Systems Approach is Useful in Studying Business Organisations?

The systems approach is useful in studying business organisations because of the following reasons: 1. Systems approach provides a refreshingly new conceptual scheme for the analysis of business organisations: The main thrust of the systems approach is to view a business organisation as an open system in constant interaction with its environment.

Organisation of Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

After Independence, the University Education Commission (1948-49) in course of their investigations found the Secondary Education to be “the weakest link” between Elementary and University Education in India.

Essay on the United Nations Organization

It was thought that a resurgent Germany and a financially powerful Japan would be an effective check on Soviet Russia. But the result of this selfish policy was the Second World War.

What is functional organisation?

In this form of organisation, all activities of the enterprise are grouped and divided according to functions like production, marketing, finance and others. Each department is in the charge of a specialist who is called functional manager.

What do you mean by the term line organization ?

The oldest and simplest form of organisation is line organisation. This organisation is formed on the basis of scalar chain of principles. It is a system of organisation in which a supervisor exercises direct supervision over a subordinate.

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