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Notes on the mode and concept of Physical Education

The first requisite for national and for individual development is the physical education. There are many- problems that confront physical education and the most important one is the lack of appreciation of the fact on the part of the public in general and the educational authorities in particular.

Notes on the Relationship between mean, median and mode

In case of a normal or a symmetrical distribution mean=median=mode. When the frequencies are not properly distributed it is called as an asymmetrical or skewed distribution. If it is moderately asymmetrical distribution the following empirical relationship holds good.

Notes on the Merits and Demerits of Mode

Notes on the Merits and Demerits of Mode. It possesses the merit of simplicity. In a discrete series it can be located even by inspection. Hence like median it has an advantage over arithmetic average.

Mean, Median and Mode – A relative Evaluation

The choice of an average is an important problem which a statistician has to face. This necessitates a relative evaluation of these three measures of central tendency.

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