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How to measure the Power of a nation?

How to measure nations Power? Our study of the theory and practice of power remains incomplete if we do not consider the question on how can we measure the power of a nation.

11 home safety measures for avoiding accidental falls

A large number of accidents occur in homes, such as falls, fire, suffocation, cuts, injuries and poisoning. Amongst very young people, accidents are mainly due to lack of knowledge, experience and skills.

How to measure morbidity and mortality?

Mortality is death. The frequency of death and the number of people who die is a measure of health of a community. Rates and ratios are frequently used for measuring mortality. Example are:

5 measures for the eradication of casteism in India

According to P.H.Prabhu, casteism can be eliminated if new attitudes in the minds of people are developed. The cinema and other mass media can do much towards the creation of these attitudes, besides the following are the main suggestions for the removal of casteism.

6 properties of a good Measure of Dispersion

Since measures of dispersion are usually called as averages of the second order, they should possess all the qualities of a good average. According to Yule and Kendall, they are as follows :

486 words essay on Measure to Curb Land Pollution

Pollution of land has to be curbed. If land is polluted through (say) improper waste disposal, it will not only hamper the growth of plant and crops but may also lead to other problems.

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