5 measures for the eradication of casteism in India


According to P.H.Prabhu, casteism can be eliminated if new attitudes in the minds of people are developed. The cinema and other mass media can do much towards the creation of these attitudes, besides the following are the main suggestions for the removal of casteism.

1) Spread of Education:

Education is the best method for the removal of castesim. It upgrades one’s level of thinking and helps in cleaning the misconceptions of one’s mind. Therefore, necessary steps should be taken for the spread of education. It must be the prime duty of all educational institutions to check the feeling of casteism from the heart and mind of the children.


The educational institutions should be directed to create such an atmosphere where caste feelings are discouraged and the students are taught to resist this feeling whether they face it in their day to day social life. At the same time, the Government should also undertake the duty of developing a strong mass feeling against the casteism through proper education.

2) Encouragement to Inter Caste Marriages:

Another measure of combating the casteism is the encouragement to inter caste marriage. By inter caste marriage as we generally mean marriage between different castes. Inter caste marriage not only two persons belonging to different castes but also their families shall be united for life long period. Inter caste marriage provides an opportunity for two persons of different castes to come together and understand each other.

As a consequence, the gulf of casteism between various castes can be minimised. To minimise age old prejudices it should be the policy of Government to provide some preferences to the people who have followed the practice of inter caste marriage.


3) No use of word ‘Caste’:

Caste is a word which is the symbol of inequality, disintegrate and disharmony. Therefore, some scholars are of the opinion that the word ‘caste’ should be used as less as possible. As a result, the new generation shall give it no importance and gradually it shall wither away.

4) Economic equality:

Inequality in the economic life of the people of different castes is the root cause of casteism. It creates the superiority and inferiority feeling among the members of different caste groups. Thus, for the removal of casteism the economic equality should be given to the people of all castes. If the economic disparity could be smoothed out and at the same time lower castes should be given equal economic privileges then casteism can be removed.


5) Abolition of Reservation Policy:

Reservation policy of the government in job, education and other sectors is another root cause of casteism. It creates conflicting attitude among the members of two different castes. When the people of higher castes having adequate educational qualification are deprived of all facilities, they revolt against the lower caste people. It expedites the problem of casteism to great extent. Thus for the removal of casteism the reservation policy should be abolished and equal facilities should be provided to the people of all castes.

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