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How recycling of materials benefit living organisms?

The mineral elements needed by living organisms in very small amounts or traces are called micronutrients. These elements enter the living organisms at the producer level in the ecosystems and from the producer…

Role of decomposers in cycling of materials

The decomposers help in decomposing the dead bodies of plants and animals, and hence act as cleansing agents of environment. The decomposers also help in putting back the various elements of which the…

How does meaningfulness of materials influence our learning process ?

The more meaningful are the materials, the easier the learning and retention. It has been consistently shown that words are better remembered than nonsense syllables, and that the concepts and interpretations of scientific principles are retained better than the factual and separate pieces of information.

What is disposition of filed materials?

The filed materials are not accumulated for an indefinite long period and as such, a definite retention and transfer schedule is developed by each organization. The non-essential records like advertising literature, circulars, and extra copies of memoranda, announcements, form letters and routine acknowledgments are destroyed.

How to store perishable food material at low temperature ?

The storage of perishable food materials at low temperature helps in the following ways: 1. Losses from spoilage are reduced. 2. Nutritive value of the food materials is retained for longer periods. 3. It retards the growth of bacteria, yeast and moulds.

What are the factors responsible for damage of stored food materials?

The factors which can cause damage to the stored food materials can be divided into two categories: 1. Abiotic factors 2. Biotic factors. Temperature is an important factor for the safe storage of foodgrains and other food materials as it affects the growth of insects and microorganisms which attack the stored food materials.

20 essential facts about the various man made materials

20 essential facts about various man made materials. A mixture of clay and limestone is heated in a kiln to make cement. Concrete is made by mixing cement, sand, gravel and water. Concrete is made by mixing cement, sand, gravel and water.

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