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Key notes on the Words and Terms in Logic

An argument consists of declarative sentences. We have also noted that the declarative sentences express propositions. As a sentence consists of words, so also a proposition consists of terms.

Key notes on the uses of Language in Logic

Logic deals with the analysis and evaluation of arguments. Since arguments are expressed in language, the study of arguments requires that we should pay carefully attention to language in which arguments are expressed.

Here is your short essay on logic

Logic can be defined as the systematic study of the methods and principles of correct reasoning or arguments. Logic teaches us the techniques and methods for testing the correctness of different kinds of reasoning.

Key notes on the Discipline of Logic

We, human beings, are rational animals. As rational beings we seek reasons for our beliefs. It is of course true that we do not always provide reasons for our convictions.

What is the relation between Extension and Connotation in Logic?

There is also a relation of inverse variation between extension connections of terms. From the point of extension a higher class (genus) includes a lower (species). But from the point of view of connotation the lower class (species) includes to connotation of the higher class (genus).

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Logic is the study of the methods of evaluating arguments. An argument is a set of propositions consisting of one or more premises and a conclusion. The premises claim to provide reasons in support of the conclusion.

Short Paragraph on Logic and Language

Ordinary language has a variety of functions which can be broadly classified into descriptive, emotive and directive uses of language. Logic is concerned with language that functions informatively. Grammatical form of a sentence is not a sure guide to its function.

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