Short Paragraph on Logic and Language


Ordinary language has a variety of functions which can be broadly classified into descriptive, emotive and directive uses of language. Logic is concerned with language that functions informatively. Grammatical form of a sentence is not a sure guide to its function. Language is very often used to serve multiple functions. As words are the constituents of sentences, terms are the constituents of propositions. Terms are expressed by one word or many words. A term signifies an individual or a class of individuals. General terms have both denotation and connotation. Denotation of a term consists of the things to which the term applies. Connotation of a term consists of the set of common and essential attributes shared by the objects denoted by the term. The denotation of a term is determined by its connotation, but connotation is not determined by its denotation. Generally, denotation and connotation of terms vary inversely. Increase or decrease in connotation of a term results in another term with a corresponding decrease or increase in denotation. So also, increase or decrease in denotation results in corresponding decrease or increase in connotation. A similar relation of inverse variation can also be noticed between extension and connotation of terms.

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