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Paragraph on the Independence of Judiciary in India

The Constitution of India has made provision to ensure the independence of judiciary and to keep judges away from political and other influences. The judges are appointed by the executive on the basis of the prescribed qualification and legal competence.

Here is your Paragraph on Judiciary System of India

The Constitution provides for a High Court for each state. Every High Court has a Chief Justice and other judges. The number of the other judges is fixed by the President as he deems it necessary from time to time.

Essay on Indian Judiciary System

The Supreme Court of India is the highest court of law, the entire judicial system of the country is controlled by it. Article 124 of the Constitution provides for the establishment and the composition of the Supreme Court.

How to Secure the Independence of Judiciary?

Some of the way to secure the independence of judiciary are (a) High Social Status (b) Adequate emoluments (c) Separation of executive from judiciary (d) Security of service and (e) Importance on merit.

What are the main functions of the Judiciary?

Administration of justice is the primary function of the judiciary. However, the judiciary performs certain other function too. These functions may be judicial in character but some of these functions are non-judicial in nature. Following are some of the judicial and non-judicial functions performed by the judiciary.

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