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Controlling in Management

Controlling is defined as the process of analyzing whether actions are producing desired results. To control means to check and ensure that each activity is performed in a planned manner. As a function of management, the controlling takes necessary preventive and corrective actions which ensure that the resources are being effectively utilized, to accomplish the goals. "Control is simply the [...]

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Leadership Styles

Leadership style means the pattern of behaviour a leader follows or adopts for influencing the followers or the subordinates working in the enterprise. What style of leadership a leader adopts depends on an array of factors such as his personality traits, value system and experience. Leadership style varies from person to person at the same point of time and may [...]

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Budgetary Control Meaning

Budgetary control is the process of preparation of budgets for various activities and comparing the budgeted figures for arriving at deviations if any, which are to be eliminated in future. Thus budget is a means and budgetary control is the end result. Budgetary control is a continuous process which helps in planning and coordination. It also provides a method of [...]

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Planning is the essence of modern management. Generally speaking planning is deciding in advance want is to be done. Planning helps in determining the course of action to be followed for achieving various organizational activities. Planning involves the choosing of a course of action from all available alternatives for accomplishing the desired results with greatest economy and certainty. The proposed [...]

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Placement is a process of assigning suitable jobs to employees. It is a systematic approach to assign the right person for the right job. It is the most important human resource function of all, simply because both allocating a wrong job to the right person or assigning a wrong person to the right job will cause heavy damage to the [...]

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Selection Process

The selection process consists of a series of stages and at every stage the candidates who are identified as unqualified or unfit are eliminated to select the best candidates among the pool of applicants. Selection process begins after completion of the recruitment process. In other words, after an adequate number of persons have responded to the organization's request to present [...]

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Leadership Theories

Leadership is the process of influencing the behavior and activities of an individual or a group for achieving common goals. Thus, the existence of a leader is very essential to guide, inspire and direct the activities of a group. Now, the question arises that how leaders are developed. Leadership remains one of the most important aspects of an organizational setting. [...]

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Directing in Management

Directing is a very difficult task of management compared to all other functions because it is concerned with the human aspect of management. When all other preparations have been completed, the management has to begin the working of the concern. Directing is the heart of management process. Planning, organising and staffing are merely preparations for doing the work and work [...]

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Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory of Motivation

Motivation may be defined as the process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals. It involves arousing needs and desires in people to initiate and direct their behaviour in a purposive manner. According to Maslow, motivation is a psychological phenomenon which arises from the feeling of needs and wants of individuals. It causes goal directed behaviour. According to [...]

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Functions of Marketing

Marketing occupies an important position in the organisation of a business unit. As traditionally defined, “marketing consists of those efforts which effect transfers in ownership of goods and care for their physical distribution.” It is the process by which products are made available to the ultimate consumers from their point of origin. It consists of all those activities which are [...]

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