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6 important Commercial Methods Of Food Preservation

It is the preservation of food in sealed containers, usually after the application of heat, through steam under pressure. During the process of canning part of the micro-organisms are destroyed and the rest are rendered inactive.

7 popular commercial methods of Food Preservation

Commercial, the food preservation technique depicts the following processes: 1. Canning and Bottling 2. Machine Drying 3. Freeze drying 4. Cold storage 5. Pasteurization 6. Irradiation 7. Use of antibiotics.

How to write Commercial Correspondence Letter?

The letter is like an organic being, having a head, body and tail. Business letters, unlike personal letters, have certain formalities to observe. Effective correspondence is the mainstay of any business. Successes and failures in business depend also on effective communication.

Brief note on Commercial Banks of India

Commercial banking is the most important part of modern banking set up. These days, the function of commercial banks are confined not only to advancing loans to the public and accepting their deposits, their contribution in accelerating the rate of economic development in under-developed and developing countries like that of India is very effective.

7 Main Functions of a Commercial Bank

The main functions of commercial banks are accepting deposits from the public and advancing them loans. However, besides these functions there are many other functions which these banks perform. All these functions can be divided under the following heads:

Significance of commercial banks in modern economic life

Banks have become an essential part of economic life in every field. The development of agriculture and industry are not possible without banks. Modern trade also cannot be thought of without commercial banks.

What is the difference between Commercial Bank and NBFI?

In spite of certain similarities, the commercial banks basically differ from non-bank financial inter­mediaries on the following grounds. Commercial banks have the ability to generate multiple expansion of credit. The non-bank inter­mediaries do not have such ability.

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