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Chemical Properties of water having biological significance

Chemical Properties of water having biological significance. Water does not dissociate easily and hence, is an excellent solvent. It is also so because of its H-bonding ca­pabilities and very high dielectric constant.

Write a very short note on Chemical Hazards

These are mainly due to various chemical substances from industry which get into public water supply. Usually they contain solvents, detergents, heavy metals, dyes, pigments, sulphides, organic substances etc.

Complete information on chemical and biological warfare disasters

The threat of chemical and biological warfare has been talked about frequently in the past years but the likelihood of such occurrence has assumed serious concern in the emerging terrorism dominated environment. Such tactics have been rightly given the name of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

What are the various causes and adverse effects of chemical pollution ?

The various ways through which chemical pollution is caused and their adverse effects have been discussed below: 1. From Industrial Wastes 2. Accidents in Chemical Factories 3. Excessive Use of Fertilizers 4. Use of Pesticides 5. Release of Gaseous Pollutants in Air 6. Pollution Caused by Dust.

What is a chemical equation ?

During a chemical reaction, certain substances react together to form some new substances. A reaction is described in terms of the names and quantities of the reactants and products.

How is a chemical equation written ?

Chemical equation for a chemical reaction is written as follows: Identify the reactants and the products of the chemical reaction. Write down the formulae or symbols of the reactants only the left hand side with a sign of plus (+) between them.

How are can chemical equations balanced ?

Chemical equations are balanced by adjusting the coefficients placed before the symbols or the formula of  reactants and products. There are a few methods which can be used for the balancing of chemical equations.

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