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149 Words Paragraph on capital Punishment

In the modern age of science, space, and technology, capital punishment looks quite absurd and cruel. Gone are the days when it worked as a deterrent for the prevention of big crimes. In my opinion, now we need not send the big criminals to gallows. Rather we should send them to reformatories and treat them […]

Should we ban Capital Punishment ?

Should we ban Capital Punishment ? Those who oppose capital punishment would rather have us believe that it is applied indiscriminately in each and every case related to some heinous crime.

What is capital expenditure ?

An expenditure which results in the creation of assets or reduction in liabilities is treated as capita/ expenditure. Expenditure incurred on construction buildings, roads, bridges etc. and buying land are the examples of capital expenditure.

Brief note on the term capital

The word ‘capital’ used in connection with a company has several different meanings. It may mean the nominal, issued, paid-up or reserve share capital of the company…

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