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Write a short note Peptic bond

During protein synthesis peptide bonds are formed between the amino acids. Each codon on m-RNA consists of three nucleotides (triplet). A complementary antocidon is carried by t-RNA molecule.

What is a coordinate bond ?

Coordinate bond is a covalent bond in which the shared pair of electrons is contributed by one of the atoms only. A coordinate bond is denoted by an arrow (→) pointing towards the acceptor atom.

What is a chemical bond ?

A chemical bond may be defined as the chemical force that keeps all the atoms in any molecule together. The combining atoms acquire stable electronic configuration either of the following three ways.

How is an ionic bond formed ?

An ionic (or electrovalent) bond is formed between two ions of opposite charges. During the formation of an ionic bond, one of the reacting elements should form a positively charged ion (cation), and the other should give a negatively charged ion (anion).

What is a covalent bond and mention its types ?

Covalent bond is formed due to mutual sharing of electrons by the combining atoms. The shared pair of electrons lies between the two nuclei. Both the nuclei attract the shared pair of electrons. The shared pair of electrons thus keeps them together, and a stable bond is formed.

What is Coordinate bond?

A coordinate bond is a covalent bond formed between two atoms in which the shared pair of electrons is contributed by only one of the atoms. The atom providing the electron pair is called the donor atom.

Write a short note on Covalent bond

The chemical bond formed by the sharing of electrons between two atoms is known as a covalent bond. The sharing of electrons takes place in such a way that each atom in the resulting molecule gets a stable configuration.

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