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Term Paper on Bacteria: Top 10 Papers | Organisms | Microbiology

Here is a term paper on ‘Bacteria’. Find paragraphs, long and short term papers on ‘Bacteria’ especially written for school and college students. Term Paper on Bacteria Term Paper Contents: Term Paper on the Definition of Bacteria Term Paper on the Features of Bacteria Term Paper on the Path of Infection in Bacteria Term Paper […]

Some of the pathogenic bacteria’s are listed below

Different bacteria are responsible for different disease. Some of these pathogenic bacteria are listed below. Clostridium botuliam: Cause the disease botulism and it is caused due to taking improperly preserved food.

Brief note on the structure of Bacteria Cell

The structure of the Bacterial cell is very simple which can be observed under an electron microscope. The cell shows prokaryotic organization. It has following parts:

What are the various methods of sexual reproduction in Bacteria?

Sexual reproduction in bacteria takes place by three methods: (i) Conjugation (ii) Transformation (iii) Transduction. According to Lederberg and Tatum (1946) in two different strains of some bacterial species, recombination of genetic material takes place. They furnished a clear experimental evidence of genetic recombination mechanism.

Write an essay on the economic importance of bacteria

Bacteria are unicellular and ultra-microscopic organisms, yet they play an important role in nature. They are of tremendous importance to man. They play an important role in agriculture and medicine and are the basis of many industries. Some are beneficial to man directly or indirectly, others are very harmful as they cause various plant and […]

Brief note on the structures and forms of Bacteria

The bacteria are the smallest and the most primitive unicellular organisms. They are mostly unicellular but few form colonies. They are of various shapes and the average size of the organizer is between 0.5 or 2m or even longer.

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