Once a fox was chased by a tiger in a forest. He ran as fast as he could in order to save his life. But suddenly, he fell into a well which was covered with shrubs that obstructed his vision, as he was running. He could not come out of the well. Now the fox knew that death had been waiting for him in that well. He was sad.

Soon the fox heard a goat bleating nearby. He shouted loudly from inside the well to call the goat. The goat came near the well and asked him, “Friend, what are you doing there in the well?”

The fox said, “Friend, have you not heard that a drought is soon coming in the country, and there will be no water anywhere? So I’ve come here to enjoy the sweet water of this well. The water is so tasty that I do not even feel hun­gry. Why don’t you join me, friend? Just jump into the well, and give me a pleasant company!”

The foolish goat believed the fox and agreed to join her friend. As she jumped, the clever fox placed one of his feet on her horn and escaped from the well. Now the poor goat was inside the well. She cried, “Friend, why do you leave me here alone? Come back.”


The fox said, “Friend, you should have looked before you had leaped into the well to see if it was possible for you to come out of it. You did not do that, and hence let you suffer.”

The fox left the place, and the goat lay in the well counting the days for her inevitable death.