Expanded Story: There lived a hare in a forest. He had many friends. He believed that they would help him in his danger.

One day, the hare was chased by a ferocious dog. He ran fast to save his life. On the way, he met his old friend, the bull, whom he asked to worry the dog and save his life. The bull said, “Friend, I’m very busy now.

I must meet my wife who is waiting for me on the bank of the river. You’ve many other friends in this forest. Any one of them will help you, I’m sure.” Saying so the bull left the hare now met another old friend, the horse, whom he asked to drive away the d6g.

The horse said, “Friend, I am very busy now. I’m looking for my lost child in the forest. So, I am going, but I am sure, any other friend of yours will definitely help you.” The horse too galloped away.


The hare then requested to a few more friends, such as the buffalo, the zebra, and some other strong animals. But each one turned down his request on some plea or the other.

Now the dog was so near as to catch him. Finding no other way to save his life, the hare entered into a hole which he noticed nearby. As the dog did not see the hare, he went back.

Moral: One real friend is better than too many false friends.