When a person is without a job or a means of livelihood, we call him an unemployed person. In fact, unemployment means lack or absence of employment. Employment is a common feature of most of the ancient underdeveloped countries, but those countries that have prosperous economy have a good deal of employment. It is in fact an economic situation.

Definition of unemployment:

The term ‘unemployment’ has been defined by various scholars in various ways, chief among them are as follows:

1) Karl Pribram:


Unemployment is a condition of the labour market in which the supply of labour power is greater than the number of available openings. Apart from Karl Pribram other economists and social thinkers have also defined the situation of unemployment.

2) Fair Child:

“Unemployment is forced and involuntary separation from remunerative work on the part of the normal wages and normal conditions”

3) Sargent Florence:


“Unemployment has been defined as the idleness of persons able to work”

4) According to Gillin and other:

“Unemployment is a condition in which a person is able willing to work normally, dependent upon his earnings to provide the necessities of life for himself and family is unable to obtain gainful employment.”

Unemployment is, therefore, the lack of earning or idleness on the part of a person who is able to work.