Short essay on the Vardhana Dynasty


The decline of the Gupta empire was due to the weaknesses of the later Guptas. One of the states which became independent was that of Thanes war, a strong state of the Punjab. Pushyabhuti Vardhana was the founder of this empire. The first great ruler of this dynasty was Prabhakar Vardhana.

After the death of Prabhakar Vardhana in 605 AD, his elder son Rajya Vardhana ascended the throne in 605 AD. Devagupta, the king of Malwa had killed Grihavarmana the husband of Rajyashree (sister of Kajyavardhana). Rajyavardhana at once marched against Devagupta. He defeated Devagupta but he himself was killed by Devagupta’s Friend.

After the death of Rajyavardhana, his younger brother Harshavardhana took the throne in 606 AD. Harshavardhana carried AD out campaigns against the neighboring kingdoms. By 612 AD his extended from the Himalayas in the north to the river the south and from Punjab in the west to Bengal in the AD, after campaign to the south. Harsha died in 647 death the Vardhana dynasty came to an end.

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