Important questions on the Vardhana Dynasty


1.Who was the first famous ruler of Vardhana dynasty?

Ans. Prabhakar Vardhana.

2.Where was the capital of Prabhakar Vardhana?


Ans. Thanes war.

3.Who killed Rajyavardhana?

Ans. Devagupta’s friend, Shashanka, the king of Bengal.

4. Who were the most successful and the greatest ruler of Vardhana dynasty?


Ans. Harshavardhana.

5. Where was the capital of Harshavardhana?

Ans. Kannauj.

6.Which’ ruler of the south defeated Harshavardhana?


Ans. Pulakesin II.

7. on the bank of which river Pulakesin II defeated Harshavardhana?

Ans. Narmada river.

8.Which Chinese pilgrim visited India during the Harshavardhana reign?


Ans. Hiuen-Tsang.

9.Who was known as “The prince of pilgrims”?

Ans. Hiuen-Tsang.

10.For how many years Hiuen-Tsang stayed in India?


Ans. 15 years.

11.In which university of India Hiuen-Tsang studied during his stay in India?

Ans. Nalanda University.

12.For how many years Hiuen-Tsang stayed in the court of Harsha?

Ans. Eight years.

13.In which book did Hiuen-Tsang record his experiences in India?

Ans. Si-Yu-Ki.

14.Which Sanskrit plays have been written by Harshavardhana?

Ans. Ratnavali, Nagananda and Priyadarshika.

15.Which famous learned scholars were in the court Harshavardhana?

Ans. Banabhatta and Subandhu

16. Which famous books Banabhatta has written?

Ans. Harshcharitra and Kadambari.

17. Which book gives a biographical work on Harsha’s life?

Ans. Harshcharitra.

18. Who was the most renowned court poet of Harshavardhana?

Ans. Banabhatta.

19 At which place Harshavardhana used to hold religious assemblies after every five years?

Ans. Prayag.

20. At which place did Harshavardhana hold a special religious assembly to honors Hiuen-Tsang?

Ans. Kannauj in 643 AD.

21. Of which religion Harshavardhana was the follower?

Ans. He was the follower of Mahayana Buddhism, Shiva and Vishnu. .

22. During which period India was known in China as the country of Brahmins?

Ans. Harshavardhana.

23.Which was the most popular language during the reign of Harshavardhana?

Ans. Sanskrit.

24. Who is known as the last Hindu ruler in the history of India?

Ans. Harshavardhana.

25. What was the main occupation of the people during the reign of Harsha?

Ans. Agriculture and domestication of animals.

26.What was the main source of revenue during the reign of Harsha?

Ans. Main source of revenue was the tax on land.

27. At which rate the tax on land was collected during Harsha’s period?

Ans. One-sixth of the total produce.

28. Whether sati system prevailed in India during Harsha’s Period or not?

Ans. Yes, sati system prevailed during this period.

29. How many years did Harshavardhana rule?

Ans. From 606 AD to 647 AD.

30. Who was the founder of Parsi religion?

Ans. Jarathrus’ttra.

31.What was the famous religious book of Parsi religion?

Ans. Jend-Avesta.

32. Where was the famous Stupa of Borubudura?

Ans. In Java.

33.What was the importance of silk route in ancient times?

Ans. The most important trade route between China and West Asia in ancient times was known as silk route.

34.In which country is the Vishnu temple of Ankoravata?

Ans. In Combodia.

35.In which style the Vishnu-temple of Ankoravata is built?

Ans. Dravida style.

36.What was the medium of instructions in Nalanda University?

Ans. Sanskrit.

37.Who was the Vice-Chancellor (head) of Nalanda University when Hieun-Tsang visited?

Ans. Shilbhadra.

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