There are more than three hundred boys in the Higher Secondary class. Some are ease-loving and lazy. They are fat and clumsy.

Some are active and smart and move about briskly. Nishith the smartest boy in our class. He is tall and has a symmetrical and well-built body. His father is a Major in the army. He has handsome features and walks with a majestic gait.

He is every inch a sportsman. He exercises daily. He is a good swimmer. He is the captain of our hockey team. He runs with the ball like an arrow. In the last District Tournament, we were the winners. The victory was due to the finest game of Nishith who scored all the three goals.

He is also an active member of the school Badminton Club. He plays badminton in the recess period daily. He is a first class scout. He is a fine cadet of the school N.C.C. troop. In the last annual camp of the N.C.C. held at Dharmsala, he was adjudged to be the best cadet.


He is full of humour and the wine of life. He presents a smiling face to everybody. Wherever he goes, he scatters mirth and joy. He is loved and liked by all for his rare qualities of head and heart. He is a very promising young man.

In studies too, he always tops the test. He is a genius in science and mathematics. He is an original thinker. He never crams things. He always tries to grasp and understand a thing. He is a clear thinker. He is a good speaker and writer.

He has a keen sense of duty and responsibility. He is punctual to the minute. He never shirks work. He works diligently when it is time to work, and plays heartily when it is time to play. His life is disciplined and well-regulated. He never sleeps during the daytime. He is scientific and methodical in his work. He has a beautiful handwriting. He is obedient and truthful.

Young men like Nishith are the crying need of the country at this critical period of our history.

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