Football is my favourite game. I play football, hockey and badminton. Of them, I am fond of playing football. After I return home from my school in the afternoon, I hardly find time to eat my Tiffin, as my mind becomes restless to go to the playground.

I try to reach the ground as soon as possible, because I know that my friends must be waiting there for me to start the game. We play till dusk, and then return home. After a wash of hands and feet, I sit down to study. It is more or less my daily routine.

If, however, there is a telecast of an interesting football match on the T.V. screen, I avoid going to the field on the day. I prefer to watch the game on the T.V. than to go to the field.

By watching a good game, one can learn many new techniques from the successful players, as they play the game. To me, a particular team’s name is not important, because I morally support the team which plays a better game.


I adore the football giant Diego Maradona of Argentina, the top world-player. Whatever may there be in his personal life, there is none like him as a footballer in the world. Even the fame of the king footballer Pele of older days seem faded before Maradona of the day. He is a born genius who has invented and displayed many new and fine techniques of the great game.

In our school, every year there is a football match between the two upper classes: IX and X. The Principal awards a cup to the winners. All the students go to the play­ground to enjoy the thrilling match. When I will get promo­tion to Class IX. I hope to play the match, too.

My younger brother, who is fond of cricket, sometimes argues with me for our difference of choice of the two games. I feel that cricket is a back-dated game which is played only by the third-world countries, while football is still a modern game, ever-thrilling and lively; and I believe, it will continue to be so in future, too.