Shankar Deva was born in 1449 AD at Batadroba in the district of Nowgong in Assam. His father and ancestors were staunch worshippers of Shakti.

Shankar Deva built his philosophy on the teachings contained in Bhagwat Gita and spread the creed of Vaishnavism.

He propagated the creed of Bhakti as contained in Srimad Bhagwat. Recital of the name of Lord Krishna is the supreme form of devotion in the Kali age. Dasya Bhakti or the factotum type was superior to any other form.

Devotion to Lord Krishna is all pervasive. Everything else is false. He also spread the philosophy of equality and said that, “All castes have equal claim on God.


Recitation of the Lord’s name enables him to overcome the three attributes or Gunas and helps him to realise the supreme God head. His philosophy and thoughts can still be seen today.