Bahmani Kingdom came into existence during the reign of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq. The real founder of the Bahmani Kingdom was Hasan Gangu.

This dynasty was founded in 1347 AD. He assumed the title of Abul Muzaffar Alauddin Bahman Shah. He selected Gulberg as his capital and renamed it as Ahsanabad. The whole empire was divided into Tarafs (provinces). The greatest and the most famous ruler was Feroz Shah. During the reign of Mohammad Shah III, the Bahmani .kingdom reached the height ‘of its power, prosperity and glory. His success was due to his able and loyal Prime Minister Mahmood Gawan. The last ruler of this dynasty was Kalimullah.


Bijapur was set up by Turkish noble Yusuf Adil Shah in 1489 AD. And he founded the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur. Ibrahaim Adil Shah II was the most famous ruler of this dynasty. He wrote famous Hindi poetry book “Kitab-e-Nauras.” During his reign the famous book Tarikh-e-Farishta was composed. Sikandar Adil Shah was the last ruler of this dynasty. Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur ended in 1686 AD. When Mughal emperor Aurangzeb annexed it to his empire.



Malik Ahmad declared himself independent in 1490 AD of the Bahmani Kingdom with the title of Sultan Nezam Shah. He founded a new city Ahmadnagar in 1494 AD and also founded Nezam Shahi dynasty there. He shifted his headquarter there. He built Ahmadnagar fort and castle of Qasim Khan. This dynasty ended when Aurangzeb annexed it to his empire.


Fatehullah Imed Shah, the governor of Berar set up Imed Shahi dyansty in 1490 AD. The Mughal King Akbar annexed it to his empire in 1596 AD.



Quli Qutub Shah founded Qutub Shahi dynasty in 1512 AD. It grew up on the ruins of Hindu Kingdom Warangal. It was annexed Mughal empire by Aurangzeb in 1687 AD.


The last ruler of Bahmani dynasty was Kalimullah and he had been reduced to the position of petty chieftain with his headquarter at Bedar. He was deposed by his Wazir Amir Ali Barid in 1526 AD. Amir Ali Band founded the Barid Shahi dynasty in 1526 AD and it was annexed to Mughal empire later on.