Short essay on the art of Flattery


Man thinks too much of himself and his ideas because a com­mon man is self-centered. That is why flatterers have always been a success in this world. There used to be flatterers in the courts and there are flatterers even in our day-to-day life. One can win the favor of others by praising the qualities which the other man possesses or toy pleasing the beauty, the lady has. If a person is able to play round the weaknesses of the other man, it is very easy for him to win his favor.

Flatterer needs a complete control over the one’s ambitions. One cannot praise others till he has conquered his personal opinions and he is able to talk by killing one’s conscience. A man who be­littles himself can think of the greatness of others. On the other hand a person who has sincere appreciations for the qualities will express them in a sincere manner.

Flattery is an art because till a person has a sweet tongue one cannot flatter others. The man must talk with sugar-coated words. He must agree what the other says and he must laugh if he cracks a joke. Similarly, one can worm into other’s affections only if one talks what the other expects him to talk. The moment a person opposes another man feels angry and so flattery is an art because one has to use the most ironical language to praise the other person. If a casual adverse remark is made the appeal is completely lost. If a person does not try to behave in the manner as others expect him to, he cannot feel flattered. In the hearts of hearts one feels happy when someone praises his qualities. It is human weak­ness that the person likes his praise. Someone would flatter the other by criticizing his opponent, whereas another would praise his choice and still another would recommend his idea. In political life this type of flattery pays a lot.


Art of flattery needs a good knowledge of the working of the mind of the other person. If one cannot think what the other has in his mind it is difficult for one to praise or to flatter him. So a flatterer must always be a good psychologist. Very few people can resist flattery because when they find their qualities praised they start thinking they are superior to others. This superiority complex satisfies their ego. They feel that no other person can come up to them. As a result of it they do whatever one asks them to do.

Fattery is a difficult art to practise. If it crosses the limit, it becomes dangerous because the other person will not accept it. If it falls short then the purpose of it will not be served. So it needs a very balanced approach towards the other person. In the present day world we live by centering our think round ideology ; the praise of one’s intellect or ideology has become the common method of flattering others. So flattery is an an art which gives a lot of power to the man over others.

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