Short essay on the concept of Flattery


The story of the king who delighted in listen his courtiers eulogizing him illustrates such fact. The people used to say in affirmative, had there be two moons in the sky. They used to address him, ‘Your majesty that sky is lit with moons and stars.’ The next moment, their reply used to nod their heads, on his asserting that it was midday.

Felonious, a prime character in the Shakespearean play Hamlet is a typical example of such courtiers. The parties know the truth, yet they say things, which were pretty awkward. The courtier knows that it would not help anybody had he contradicts the king; rather it was likely to bring harm for himself. The least the courtier expected was inviting of the king’s wrath.

It is very common to find mothers flattering their babies, while assuaging. Children are being flattered so that they could know about their turn. So, they used to flatter their parents for receiving favours. Businessmen, in particular, are adept in the art of flattery. You will find any businessman flattering his prospective customer, while selling his goods.


He endorses what the customer had to say. It is not the quality of goods, but the art and the extent of flattery that makes a businessman successful. The people have certain opinions and ideologies. People emulating according to their wishes, become leaders in perspective. Opponents who point out their follies and weaknesses were proved undesirable, who’re ultimately shunned.

Socrates was poisoned to death and for very similar reason was Jesus Christ crucified. In politics, flattery is called diplomacy. It means holding one’s opinion and saying or doing things, which catches others fancies.

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