Short Essay on Sufism


Sufism was reform movement within Islam. The Sufi Movement first began in Perisa. Some of the Sufis came down to India and settled there. The Sufis believed in free thoughts and liberal outlook.

According to the Sufis, all human beings were alike. All were equal in the eyes of God. The ultimate aim of all religions was to get nearer to God. God being one and only one, there was no basic difference between one religion and another.

Sufis were thus in favour of religious toleration. They did not like that the people should be prosecuted on religious grounds.


The Sufis were venerated by both the Muslims and Hindus, alike. They said that the true religion lay in good action service to the mankind and sigular devotion to God.

Mohi-uddin Chisti was one of the earlie’t Sufis. He taught the people to live in co-operation with each other a d respect each other’s religion. After his dealth in 1236 A.D., he was bjried at Ajmer. Hajarat Khwaja

Nizam-ud-din-Aulia, Nasiruddin Chirag of Delhi and Salim Chisti were some other great Sufi reformers.

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