Marriage among the Muslims is both social and religious contract, which is legalised after nikah. But it is considered more social rather than a religious institution. The law of marriage in Islam is regulated by Holy Quran.

Conditions for muslim marriage

Before a marriage takes place among the Muslims there are certain pre­requisites which must be satisfied. These conditions are essential to make a marriage legally valid. The first essential condition is that parties to the marriage should be healthy and mentally sound. None of them should have illicit relations with anybody and must have attained the age of 15. Sanction of the parents is necessary to make marriage valid, if parties to the marriage are less than the prescribed age to 15.

If these conditions are fulfilled then proposal for the marriage is put in a meeting in which males and females representing both sides are present. It is very essential that the proposal f0r marriage be put forth by one party and must be accepted by the other at the same meeting or otherwise the marriage will not be legal.


Witnesses to the marriage are considered essential among the Sunnis but not among the Shias Insane persons cannot enter into matrimonial contract.