What are the different Kinds of Muslim Marriage?


A proposal for a marriage among tin Muslims is valid only when the same is accepted at the same meeting at which it was made. It has already been pointed out that relatives, both male as well as female, must be present at the time of marriage. Presence of witnesses is also necessary to make the marriage valid.

Muslim marriage is of different kinds, namely:

Valid Marriage:


When marriage has taken place after observing all religious and legal requirements, it is called valid marriage. All off springs of such a marriage are legitimate.

Void Marriage:

A marriage may be invalid, if it is performed by not taking into consideration such prohibitions as infirmity, foster age, consanguinity etc. Children of this marriage may not be treated as legitimate.

Irregular Marriage:


An irregular marriage violates some temporary prohibitions. In such a marriage basis are sound but formalities are unsound. Thus this type of marriage is neither all legal not completely illegal.

Mutta Marriage:

Mutta or temporary marriage is found among the Shias. This type of marriage is contracted only for the sake of pleasure and is also for a specified period only. Since in this type of marriage man derives pleasure out of woman, therefore, she is rewarded by the man. Mutta marriage is invalid when period of validity has not been settled in advance.

Wife in a mutta marriage is called Singha. It must however, be remembered that a mutta marriage can take place only among the parties belonging to same religion, though some relaxation has been given to men in this regard. But mutta marriage is quite unpopular and it has been called as anarchism’s in marriage.

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