532 Words Short Essay on fortune Favors the Brave (free to read)


The greatest heights in life are attained by those who have the daring to get these. Success is not a free gift that falls into anyone’s lap if he just wishes for it. He must work hard, and be courageous enough to face and overcome danger, if necessary in order to succeed. What we call fortune or good luck is nothing but a matter of persistence and hard work.

The great discoverers of old would never have succeeded if they did not venture forth into the unknown, regardless of any perils that might confront them. Christopher Columbus, Cortez, Sir Waiter Raleigh, Dr. Livingstone, and countless others made all their geographical discoveries because they were brave enough to face danger and uncertainty to discover the unknown and extend the frontiers of human knowledge.

In our own age, who has not heard of the bravery of the astronauts who have risked their lives to travel to a distant destination like the moon? They have won universal acclaim because of their outstanding courage.


There have been numerous scientists who have devoted all their time and energy to the conquest of disease. They have even risked their own lives to become human guinea-pigs on which they tried their own remedies. Humanity remembers them with affection and gratitude for their selfless, courageous attitude. If they succeeded in their relentless efforts to conquer disease, it was because of their heroic courage and persistence.

Some of the bravest people in the world are those who are physically handicapped. There are several of them who, having lost the use of their limbs or eyes or hearing, have never given way to despair. They have courageously overcome all the obstacles in their path to make a success of their lives. For instance, late Helen Keller who died recently was deaf, dumb and blind.

Yet she managed to educate herself and became a world famous Personality. Of course, she had to work hard for it, but it was well worth the effort. Peter Spencer, a pilot who fought in the British Air Force in World War lost the use of both his arms before he was twenty-one. He taught himself to do things with his mouth and legs instead of his hands. Today he is a well-known Mouth and Foot Artist. If good fortune favoured him it was because he was brave enough to conquer every difficulty that confronted him.

Yet another instance of fortune favoring the brave is that of Eleanor


Roosevelt. From an awkward, diffident child, she grew up to be a self- confident First Lady of America who had mastered various skills by sheer determination and hard work. Hence all these examples prove that fortune favours the brave.

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