What is the meaning of Fortune favours the Brave?


“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, into the heaven of freedom, my Father let my country awake.” —Rabindranath Tagore

The first Nobel Prize winner of India might have written these words, as he knew that’ fortune favours the brave’. Achievements are due to grace of God and blessings of elders. Being, sincere and hard working means getting cooperation and coordination of all due to one’s daring nature.

Fortune or destiny smiles on us if we, by our actions, make it bound to do so. Since ages to the present day, luck goes hand in hand with people who dared to move the system and without any fear, worked out for enforcing something new to the traditional system.


History is for their who, by their actions, fought with the prejudiced customs and rituals. To flow with the stream is the normal trait, to move against it is bravery. Fear is a state of mind, to overcome its negativity is bravery. Unless and until one remains more and more positive, bravery would not come. To be in tune with progress and prosperity, one has to be bold enough to cross the hurdles in the path towards destination.

If something goes wrong in life, one has to be ready to face the challenges and obstacles, and once if it is decided that “I will overcome it”, nobody can stop the overall progress from that very moment. Tb bravery of Bharat led to the naming of the whole nation after him and the bravery of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Gandhiji made India free.

Bravery is the dynamic quality within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine the characteristic behaviour and thought. A simple example is that great anchors, artistes, singers and dancers, etc., have to face the stage fear at their first performance to public. If they had not shown bravery at that time, their fate might not have smiled on them in the form of popularity.

Bravery is a trait that should be infused into the young so that they can face the challenges of life to make fortune favour them. “Try, try and try again till the goal is attained” is the common saying often preached at every level of studies led to the naming of so that the young mind faces the challenges with courage.


“God helps those who help themselves” has not been said just to make a proverb but it is the truth that is applicable to all human beings without discrimination. If one helps his or her own self by putting a wholehearted honest effort with courage, he/she will be going to get reward for it’s surely. The example of Abraham Lincoln, the former US President, is the best to prove that ‘fortune favours the brave’. After having a series of failures from childhood to the years of middle age, his fight with destiny earned for him the most prestigious seat of the President of USA.

Bravery is not confined to the soldiers and civil defence personnel. To remain in constant struggle with the existing situations for the betterment of livelihood and for the overall progress and prosperity is also a type of bravery. Even to fight for a social cause makes one brave. Raising voice against any type of injustice or violence is also an act of courage.

If we fight for others their blessings in return make us fortunate enough in life. To bring smile on one’s face is a work of great appreciation. The mission carried out by Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa was criticized in its earlier stage, but the selfless deeds of the two brave women made their names of historical value. It became a sort of inspiration for others that one can make one’s life sublime, by leaving behind footprints in the sands of time.

A person reaps exactly what he sows; hence bold actions will surely pay in future. One should meet the ups and downs of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances. The world today requires people who are bold, daring and full of life.


The materialism of the world is increasing day by day and to be with the tune of time, one has to remain updated of each and every development. If one loses the opportunity to speak up at first, some one else will grab the chance. The important point in this bravery is that it is wise to avoid heated arguments, because in the heat of arguments, matters may surely get boiled and evaporated but can never be resolved. Boldness is not only in being extrovert and outspoken, but it equally lies in a peaceful pleading with strong points.

Modern era will find it more appropriate if courage were intimate by the generosity too. Luck is with one who is soft and mild on the 01 hand and bold and courageous on the other, their career graphs show respectable growth as compared to the shy and fearful persons.

There nothing that wastes the body likes worry. Worries and fear psychosis never make one to speak up his/her feelings and as a result even after having; the talents in them people remain devoid of their share in the materials world.

The most relevant and contemporary example of fortune and courage is Baba Ramdev who openly criticized all the inhuman practices as well as spoke up openly against a number of multinationals. But the appreciation and faith he is getting all over the world is increasing day by day. To be a winner all the way, one has to be that much bold. Our legislature, judiciary and executive all three lack in that type of courage and the result is that they lost the power, prestige, faith and respect which they once enjoyed the most.


“Success will never lower its standard to accommodate you, you ha to raise your standard to achieve it”. And that is only possible by brave shooting the shining star. The man who has confidence in himself commands the confidence of others. It is a mistake to try to look too ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time. The only need is to put your valour with enthusiasm.

A small example is that if you love somebody and not gathering enough confidence to convey it to him/her the object of your love could pass by you. For each and eve stone to turn into your favour and determination and openness is require One only needs to act without any fear and surely the ray’s of fortunes be shining over him.

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