A majority of students think that examination is a terror and therefore they feel nervous before going into the examination hall. A sign of fear and uncertainty flash on their faces. They seam too tensed to overcome it.

The atmosphere in the hall is full of tension for many. But there are students who never take examination seriously. It does not mean that they are not devoted to their studies. Of course they are very much responsible to their duties and devote much of their time to studies.

Perhaps therefore they look very normal even in the examination-hall. Unfortunately the number of such students is limited. Mostly the students look worried and present a very miserable picture especially outside and inside the examination hall. They are unshaven with yellowed face. This sight is veiy common in the examination-hall.

As soon as the bell for the examination rings, the question papers are distributed. Most of the students take the question paper with trembling hand. With many anxieties in their mind they go through it. Sometimes they find it easy and sometimes veiy difficult. It all depends on the fact how they have studied. If the question-paper is really easy, their faces change colour. Soon they look calm and composed.


They feel a sigh of relief and without wasting a second, they start answering the questions in a systematic way. All heads are bent and they are seen busy in their work. A pin-drop silence can be felt everywhere in the examination-hall. Supervisor keeps pacing up and down the hall.

They are vigilant and keep their eyes on each and every examinee. The firmness which they generally maintain on their faces and in their voice discourages the examinees to use unfair means. Despite that there are always a few candidates who do not do any work. As they do not know the answer of the questions, they try to copy others.

Their eyes become searching and whenever they get some points, they bend their heads to write them down. After writing those points they again start looking here and there. This process continues till the end of the examination. Sometimes a flying squad storms the hall to search each candidate. If a candidate is caught using unfair means or having a chit, there is stir in the hall. He/she is expelled from the hall.

During the last few minutes before the final bell rings, all the candidates look very busy them start-writing very fast without caring their handwriting. Then they take a glance of each and every questions answer. If they find anything incomplete, they try to complete it to their ulmost satisfaction. And finally, the final bell rings. The candidates are asked to stop writing. The supervisors or invigilators collect the answer sheets and then they allow them (candidates) to leave the hall.