At the ringing of the first bell candidates enter the examination hall and occupy their seats. Supervisor distributes answer sheets. There is a place on the top corner of the answer sheet to write the roll number, date and relevant remarks. They are told about the instructions of the board by the supervisor. They are also warned against using any kind of un­fair means. They are instructed not to keep paper torn from the book or hand written in their possession.

As the second bell rings supervisors distribute the question paper. Now there is a complete silence in the examination hall. Students are busy in writing answers to questions. Some are looking uneasy as they are unable to answer any question. They are making some efforts either to copy from their neighbours or for some outside help. If any student is caught red handed for using the unfair means his answer sheet is taken from him and a case is regis­tered. He is provided a fresh answer sheet to answer the question. No student is allowed to leave the examination hall before half time. After three hours bell rings again and supervisor collects the answer sheets.

Students come out of examination hall and start discussing question paper. Some are very happy as they performed well. Others look sad.