Hobby is a kind of useful work which one takes up voluntarily during one’s spare time, without expecting any monetary benefit. It may not be a routine or regular work, but attended when one feels happy to do it. It gives simple pleasure and absolute satisfaction to the person who attends it.

There may be many kinds of hobbies, such as painting, singing, dancing, photography, reading, writing, story collection, coin collection, autograph collection, gardening and so on. Hobby depends on one’s personal taste and inclination of the mind.

My hobby is gardening, which takes me to the mysterious realm of Nature. Wordsworth says that Nature does not betray one who loves it. Human life is closely associated with Nature. We live, we breathe, and we die with Nature. Nature provides us air, water, food and what not for sustenance.

In our house, we have a little garden. It was so long neglected by the gardener. Recently, I have begun to take interest in it. I went to the market with our gardener and purchased a good number of flowering plants for our garden.


During the last monsoon, they were planted according to the instructions of the Nursery, from where the plants were bought. The typical manure, prepared by them, was used by us within three months or so, beautiful flowers of varied colours and kinds have bloomed all over our garden, giving it a new look.

Our garden does not have sufficient space. Hence, I was not able to plant fruit trees. But I am really happy that the flowering plants have, no doubt, added beauty and glamour to the view of our house.

During my leisurely hours, I spend my time and energy in our little garden which changes the monotony of my daily life and provides stimulant to a better way of living. Thus my hobby repays me.