“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Yes, man needs some changes after day’s hard work. During leisure hours, he is free from all restrictions; therefore he passes these hours as he wishes.

Sometimes he reads novels, sometimes listens to the music, and sometimes plays different games. Thus, man engages himself in some pleasant work. It is called his hobby.

Thus hobby brings changes in his life. Its effect is like a tonic, which fills a man with immense capacity and stamina. It is in a way an oasis in the vast desert of our weary life. Hence, everyone needs it and enjoys it to his heart’s content.

There are different kinds of hobbies. As different people have different nature so hobbies too, are different. Some persons are fond of collecting stamps and coins of differentl countries while some others love to collect books of different taste.


For some, there is immense pleasure in painting. Some like to dance with the tune of the music. There is other Hobbies too like flying kite, swimming, gardening, cooking, Photography, etc. All these hobbies are source of recreation.

So far I am concerned; I am very fond of gardening. I being a lover of nature, spend my leisure time mostly in myj garden, which is in the compound of my house. It takes great! Interest in preparing the land for sowing by digging and Maturing it. It grows flowers as well as vegetables of different varieties. Among the flowers I have yellow and pink rosesj dahlias, sunflowers, marigold etc.

I love to watch them when they are in full bloom. I am fond of green vegetables. I cannot eat food without them. Hence, I grow lady’s fingers, pumpkins Bitter gourds, etc. I water all these plants without failure, time to time I make cutting and do the entire essential] works in order to keep my garden very neat and clean. I have! Some fruit plant too in my garden. I get fresh grapes and guavas. It is really very exciting to climb on the guava tree. In summer, I have delicious mangoes.

My garden is really very beautiful. There is greenery everywhere which makes the environment very healthy. I find here pollution free fresh air. There are colourful butterflies flying here and there. I enjoy their company. I feel pleasure to see my garden.


With beautiful sweet-smelling flowers and plants all round I sometimes read and rest and chat with my friends and relatives. All praise the beauty and cleanliness of my garden.

Thus, I make wise use of my leisure. My hobby keeps me physically fit. I feel fresh all the time. As I do enough work in my garden, I have good appetite, a sign of healthy body. I enjoy sound sleep in the night.

Some people do not make proper use of leisure. They waste it in gambling, drinking and playing cards. Hobbies which aim at mere enjoyment can not be good hobbies. Hence, we should keep ourselves away from such hobbies because instead of making us fresh they will eat up the very vitality of our lives.

As a result the purpose of leisure will be spoiled. We must not forget that spending leisure is an art. Therefore we should make it highly meaningful and useful.