470 Words Sample Essay on the rainy season (free to read)


May and June are the hottest months of the year. The temperature remains highest during these two months. Our surrounding seems to blaze like a furnace. What to talk of the human life, even plants and animals become half dead.

The scorching sun mars the zeal to do something. All want to get relieve of the intense heat and pray for rains.

In such situation, the advent of rainy season is welcomed by one and all. It comes in July and continues till September. The very first shower of the rainy season quenches the thirst of the earth. It fills us with immense happiness.


Plants get new life. Animals begin to bind here and there in pleasure. Small rivers, ponds, tanks which go diy in summer season, are filled with rain water. We feel a sense of fulfillness everywhere. Cool rain-drops give a thrilling sensation to us.

Rainy season is a boon for the farmers. We know agriculture depends on rain, so farmers look very happy and satisfied. They remain busy during this season. They do hard work in their fields.

We see greenery everywhere. The cattle graze on it with great pleasure. Peacocks dance, frogs croak. There is music in the environment. Poets of different languages become more imaginative. They compose beautiful poems during this season.

The sight of rainbow is a special attraction of this season. Children love to see it. They enjoy paper boats too during this season. Thus, rainy season is life in itself and therefore it is welcomed by almost all.


This season has its drawbacks too. Everything is O.K. when we have normal rains. But when it rains in torrents continuously, it becomes very difficult for the common people to go outside. The roads are covered with mud.

The conditions of kuchcha roads become worse. The sight of waterlogging becomes common. It is neither convenient to use vehicles nor to walk on foot. Sometimes we are bound to stay indoors due to heavy stormy rain.

Apart from these inconveniences, sometimes we face flood­like situation too. Heavy rains cause rivers to overflow resulting in floods. It is a natural calamity which creates havoc to mankind, animals, plants, etc.

The standing plants are washed away. Houses collapse. The bodies of the cattle are drowned. Poor people become helpless, as they loss their shelter. Thus flood causes heavy loss of life and property. This is the worst aspect of the rainy season.


But we can not deny the fact that water is life and it is needed by all. Thus we can say that rainy season brings joys as well as sorrow to mankind. It gives us food, no doubt but sometimes it takes our life too. When it rains normally, the season acts like saviour but when there is excessive rain, we become victims of it.

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