614 Words Essay for kids on the Rainy Season


Rainy season is the time when, the earth that has been parched for water for months, gets its quota of water. This water the earth takes in and then it looks fresh and green once again.

This is the weather that man looks forward to quench his thirst, just like the dry earth. All the trees, plants and flaura look so charged with a renewed freshness that they had lost in the scorching heat of the summer months, just gone by. Thus, we can say that the rainy season gives a new lease of freshness and renewed vigour and life to all that is alive.

However, the rainy season like everything else also has its major and some minor drawbacks. The permanently overhanging clouds in the sky, the continuous pitter patter of rain drops light or heavy, create an atmosphere of absolute depression and man feels all out of spirits.


For days on end, the sight of the sun and its brightness is completely lost. The grim grey and black colour of the clouds pervades in the aura. This very atmosphere is very very depressing, and dull.

Going out of the home becomes a problem and is very unpleasant. We cannot wear the clothes we want to, and the life that has a normal and fixed routine gets paralysed.

For people who love to remain indoors, or the people who do not have to go out on work, this weather is just wonderful as, it gives them the valid excuse for staying at home. A hot cup of tea and a novel at hand gives these people the ideal aura in this weather and they enjoy their sojourn in the home. However, for the people who have to go out for work as a routine, or those who like to spend some time out of the home, this season is no less than a nightmare. The roads are found clogged with rain water, and the drains overflowing.

The roads get easily congested as; all are in a hurry to reach their respective destinations. Thus the scene on the busy roads is not at all pleasing to the eye or to the mind.


Thus the rainy season brings relief from the scorching heat but, in its trail also come a large number of problems which adversely affect the daily routines of the masses. It is however a necessary evil for, it is this rainy season which gives the necessary water to our food plants. If this season is sometimes late or is scarce, the food crops suffer, and there is a famine and food scarcity to follow.

In countries like India where the summer heat is intolerable and where, the farmer depends wholly or partly on rain water for the survival of the crops, the rainy season is a blessing, inspite of all the hazards it may bring with it.

There is still another aspect to this rainy season, and that is, the possibility of floods in the country the same season of rains which is eagerly looked forward to by one and all, causes floods when it is in a temper.

The rivers lose their temper and cause unending havoc when the rainfall adds to their water reserves. The floods in the different areas of the country occur in this season. The floods damage men and material beyond any comprehension. This in turn causes a famine due to the destruction of the standing crops, and then a drain on the country’s exchequer. The areas damaged have to be restored to normal which takes time and money. Thus, the rainy season is at once, a boon and a bane for the country and its men.

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