Every child’s dream in this world is to save the country from the foreign invaders. When the children hear the word military they like to mimic the actions depicted in cinema. A career In the military is risky and is not recommended for people who aren’t ready to sacrifice their lives for the cause of the country.

We should be prepared mentally before entering the military career and the family should also be prepared mentally before sending their children to military. If we put dedication and hard work into what we are doing over there then we may end up being awarded a high rank and also be posted in a place with wonderful facilities.

If we are mentally prepared then we can even get posted in border areas and still enjoy protecting the limits of the nation. The setback of entering into military is that most of the time we are away from our families and do not get to spend time with them.

Also the pay scales are low compared to the civil life. But this is compensated by various facilities like a military canteen where you get things at a discounted rate. Rations are available free of cost.


In India, military technology is improving and with that the standard of living of the military jawans too. We have the latest war equipment coming in. The latest choppers, war tanks, aircrafts, and ammunitions are helping in the strengthening of the forces.

It is a matter of pride to serve the nation and be responsible for the millions of lives of a nation. The Indian army is one of the most satisfying careers and is for the brave hearted only. So if you want to serve the country and have a fulfilling life, take up a military career.

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