About a hundred years ago nobody in India bothered about choice of a career. Life was considerably carefree and right from the childhood; one usually took it for granted that he would step into the trade or profession of his father. For the educated few there were certain alluring avenues to earn a living and no one ever thought of any struggle.

The problem of unemployment did not pose a threat and so there was no cause for worry. But times have changed. There is now keen competition in every walk of life. One can no longer feel assured of gainful occupation. Hence it has now become almost imperative to plan out one’s career right from the early days.

In modern times the specter of unemployment haunts everyone. Yet it is a fact that a young man or woman has numerous careers to choose from education too. In our days education has become diversified and highly specialised.

In the past almost everyone received only one type of education, namely liberal education. But now a student has various options. Besides Humanities and Science a student is free to receive technical or vocational education. Here really lies the importance of career planning.


Choice of a career is directly linked with one’s ability as well as aptitude. But it is not always easy to assess the true ability of a boy or a girl at a tender age. This Sometimes results in a wrong choice for which the boy or the girl may have to suffer in future.

However, once the aptitude of a boy or a girl is ascertained and his abilities are fairly assessed, there should be a positive attempt to plan out a career. A boy who is genuinely interested in machines is sure to succeed as an engineer. Another boy who- is interested in taking care of sick persons is likely to do well if he enters the medical profession. Business attracts some young boys from the beginning and they should be encouraged to plan out a career accordingly.

Unfortunately this natural choice is often affected by financial considerations and lack of opportunity. There are several instances where the parents are so poor that they cannot send their children to technical institutions. There are also various instances where children are rather forced to study medical science or engineering simply because they will earn a decent income if they become doctors or engineers. It is in such cases that very often a wrong choice is made.

The choice of a career should primarily be left to the student himself. He should be given the freedom to choose a career those appeals to him and for which he is best suited. The ambitions of the parents so far as it relates to the career of their children should be based on facts and not on dreams.


There might be a few talented boys or girls who will shine in a number of careers, but for the average boy or girls a career which is not overcrowded should be preferred. One should however, be properly acquainted with available opportunities and the choice for a career should be based on one’s aptitude as well as opportunities for success.