21 Important questions on Minerals of India


1. What type of iron-ores is found mainly in India ?

Ans. Hematite.

2. Which state of India has maximum coal reserves ?


Ans. Jharkhand.

3. Which state of India produces highest iron-ores?

Ans. Goa.

4. Why Bailadila is famous for ?


Ans. Bailadila is famous for Iron-ores.

5. Which state of India is associated with Kundermukh Project ?

Ans. Karnataka.

6. How many types of coal are found in India ?


Ans. Mainly three types- Anthracite, Bituminus and Lignite.

7. Which type of coal has maximum carbon contents ?

Ans. Anthracite.

8. Which type of coal is found maximum in India ?


Ans. Bituminus.

9. Neyveli, a coal reserves of India is associated with which type of coal ?

Ans. Lignite.

10. In which state Korba coal field is situated ?


Ans. Chhattisgarh.

11. In which state Singrauli coal field is situated ?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh.

12. In which state of India manganese production is maximum ?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh.

13. Which is the maximum producing country of mica in the world ?

Ans. India.

14. Which is the maximum producing state of mica in India ?

Ans. Jharkhand.

15. Which is the maximum producing state of bauxite in India ?

Ans. Orissa.

16. Which is the maximum producing state of copper in India ?

Ans. Jharkhand.

17. Which is the first oil-well in India ?

Ans. Digboi (Assam).

18. Where maximum crude oil is produced in India ?

Ans. Bombay High near Mumbai in Arabian sea.

19. Where is the world’s deepest mines of gold situated?

Ans. Kolar (Kamataka).

20. Where the maximum uranium is found in India ?

Ans. Jadugoda (Jharkhand).

21. Which state of India produces the maximum thorium?

Ans. Kerala.

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