What is the Price of Intex IN 4470 Supreme Mobile Phone in India?


The latest price of Intex IN 4470 Supreme mobile phone is Rs. 3, 650 (three thousand six hundred fifty only).

Positioned as user friendly mobile phone, the Intex IN 4470 Supreme handset is one of most affordable mobile phones available in the market today. The Intex IN 4470 Supreme is a 2G Network GSM mobile phone that runs at 900/1800 MHz3. It is built with a TFT type display with a multi touch function and a scratch resistant feature.

This mobile phone comes loaded with features such as accelerometer, preloaded games, voice recording, MP3 player, MP3 support, video player, and FM radio. The Intex IN 4470 Supreme has polyphonic type ringtones with MIDI vibration.


The Intex IN 4470 Supreme comes packed with a 3.5 audio jack and a standard lithium ion battery. This mobile highlights an extended talk time and stand by capacity. It comes ready with multiple types of connectivity enabling users to connect to various sources of media. This includes Bluetooth connectivity, EDGE infrared port, USD port, GPS, and AGPS. With no external memory card slot, it is however capable of storing and extensive amount of data via its built-in phonebook storage capacity and internal memory.

You can buy this mobile from online stores like Flipkart, letsbuy, eBay etc at a cost of Rs. 3, 650.

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