What is the Price of Intex Nano Super Mobile Phone in India?


The price of Intex Nano Super Mobile Phone will be released soon.

The Intex Nano Super is a dual band mobile phone targeted for users who are looking for an affordable handset with dynamic features. The Intex Nano Super is runs on 900/1800 MHz GSM network allowing compatibility with most mobile service providers.

Comes preloaded with various types of games and wall paper themes, the Intex Nano Super is designed with a 3.7CM TFT type colour display with 65k pixels, allowing users to enjoy an exciting and fun filled experience. It also comes ready with a memory card slot for SD card of up to 8 GB.


The Intex Nano Super weighs 73 grams with dimensions 100 x 44 x 13mm and packed with a 1050m AH battery. This mobile phone has a talk time of up to seven (7) hours and a stand by time of up to 360 hours.

Other features of this phone include FM Radio, FM recording, audio player, sound recorder, torch, caller group, and mobile tracker. User friendly and affordable the Intex Nano Super is a perfect handset to those who are looking for quality performance at a reasonable cost.

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