The latest price of LG LSA6MR2T Air Conditioners (AC) in India is Rs. 40, 490/-(forty thousand and four hundred ninety only.)

LG LSA6MR2T gives you the best air conditioning experience with the fast speed of cooling, triple filter, anti bacteria filter, sleep mode, e-saver, auto clean mode and sleep mode.Auto restart technology restarts the ac with previous setting if it turns off unintentionally for the failure of power.

Chaos mode provides multi angle wind, you will feel the comfort of natural breeze. Anti bacteria filter kills the bacteria passes through it, prevent the growth of germs, catches all odours and dust particles in the air.

Off timer turns off the ac, on the time you set. You can have your sleep or relaxation without any disturbance. Jet cool makes the room instantly with high speed cooling system. Auto air swing makes sure that ever corner of the room is being cooled. Auto clean mode keeps clean the ac and relief from the disturbance of frequent cleaning.


E saver saves energy by less power consumption and ensures a decent bill every month.This ac comes with a very affordable price.

You can buy this air conditioner from online stores like Flipkart, eBay, Letsbuy etc. at a cost of Rs. 40, 000.