The latest price of LG LSA3TR3P Air Conditioners (AC) in India is Rs. 42, 990/- (forty two thousand and nine hundred ninety only.)

LG LSA6TR2P split ac comes with powerful features like auto clean, triple filter, virus and allergy safe filter, neo plasma, sleep mode, quiet mode, e-saver mode, on timer.

Auto clean gives relief from the frequent cleaning by regular automatic cleaning. Triple filter ensures fresh and hygienic air. Virus and allergy safe filter keeps the air free from all harmful objects.

Sleep mode adjusts the temperature with body and gives amazing comfort during sleep. E saver saves energy by less power consumption. On timer turns on the ac automatically on the set time.


Off timer works same way, it turns off the ac on the set time. Jet cool instantly makes the room cool and comfortable with high speed cooling system. Anti bacteria filter kills bacteria which passes through, catches all odours and dust particle in the air. Auto air swing ensures that every corner of the room is getting cooled.

The ac gives the best of comfort and takes care your health keep you fit and perfect.

You can buy this air conditioner from online stores like Flipkart, eBay, Letsbuy etc. at a cost of Rs. 41, 500.