Useful facts on the features, merits and demerits of a Political Party


Points to Remember

1. A political party is a group of citizens, more or less organized, having agreement on broad principles of national policy. It tries to capture the government through constitutional means.

2. Features of a Political Party :


(a) It must be organized.

(b) The members of a political party must agree on Kroad principles of its policy.

(c) A political party must be based on national outlook.

(d) A political party should seek to capture the government through peaceful and constitutional means.


3. Merits :

(a) Political parties formulate public opinion.

(b) They impart education to masses.

(c) They make people public-spirited.


(d) They are very essential for the success of parliamentary democracy.

(e)A political party in power serves as a link between the people and the government.

(f) They bring about co-ordination in the activities of various organs of the government.

4. Demerits:


(a) Political parties disrupt unity.

(b) They diffuse public opinion.

(c) They offer opportunity to ambitious type of people.

(d) They curb independent thinking.


(e) They encourage party interest to be above the interests of the nation.

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